If you’re ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure
that will expand your consciousness and transform your life,


If Mount Shasta Is Calling Your Soul
Join Us!

This is a time of deeply transformative incumbent energies, and our souls are hungry for ascension.
Because of this, we have the opportunity to tap into and “ride” these energies to an expansion
never before experienced. By opening to the new consciousnesses coming our way,
we can achieve and and exceed our goals for this life.Who will you be and what will you do as you climb the ladder of your own ascension?



  • Understand the Soul’s quest for ascension
  • Receive a series of teachings and activations designed to accelerate your awakening that will prepare you for living consciously within these powerful new frequencies coming through the gateways of Light
  • Experience the power to manifest what you choose for your life
  • Learn how to heal your past, present, and future self ~ stepping closer to living your life “un-separated” from the soul of the true you!
  • Understand and overcome the obstacles and objections we use to sabotage
    ourselves and keep ourselves small

Ascension is always our conscious choice to engage in! When activated, the process of ascension can affect every aspect of our beingness–the
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual–allowing us to undergo acute transformation. When we spend time in active pursuit of this
process, we will inevitably meet the demands of this higher level of consciousness, which can be both remarkable and challenging. It is when
we encounter evidence of this inner change that makes the journey so incredible AND worthwhile!No matter where you are on your path to ascension our retreats are arranged to meet you where you are. It is indeed a choice to engage with the
unknown, to experience what is possible when we activate the sacred Codex within, thus freeing the Self from any and all limitations!
Whether you’re just beginning the journey, or you’ve been at it for years, there is always something new to discover.

Throughout history mankind has always been drawn to mountains as a sacred
feature of the landscape. It’s understood that mountains are among the oldest
places of worship and known to be the first ‘real’ temples. Our connection to
them is so powerful that many of the world’s oldest monuments, such as the
Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, were obviously built in their semblance.Mt. Shasta is no exception, and is considered a deeply sacred place that has a
grounding and uplifting energy all its own. Where connection to earth, universe
and self is easily made and polarities become gracefully balanced. A spiritually
active place that gives us opportunities to shed that which no longer serves us
while showing us accessible paths to continual expansion and life’s purpose.



  • Marinate in Mount Shasta’s grand and mighty energy vortex
  • Visit Ascension Rock, which is a wonderfully palpable vortex that sits inside the greater vortex of Mt. Shasta and serves a personal doorway into Shasta’s multi-dimensional realm
  • Enjoy transformational workshops, group meditation, sacred shamanic ceremonies and dynamic group gatherings
  • Spend time in private reflection, journaling, hiking and immerse yourself into the grounding and uplifting magic of Mt Shasta
  • Experience channeled teachings from Archangel Metatron and Divine Mother along with some surprise guest energies!
Join Us! September 13-16, 2018


at the lovely Best Western Plus Tree House in the heart of Mount Shasta
We have a block of rooms reserved.
Please email Connie@ConnieViveros.com if you would like a room
The hotel where we are staying is called the BEST WESTERN PLUS TREE HOUSE. It is located in the heart of Mount Shasta.
We have several rooms blocked for as low as $162 per night PLUS tax and resort fee, double occupancy.
IMPORTANT: If you would like a room please check with Connie before calling the hotel to book your own room. Thanks!
Each day we will meet at the Tree House hotel meeting room before whisking you off to our daily activity!


Picture yourself mountainside…with every cell of your Being amidst the
volcanic energy that infuses the magical and mysterious Mount Shasta.
See yourself waking up to the glorious feeling of pure joy each morning as
we journey into “New Dimensions!”
To secure your spot, make your $300 deposit NOW or pay in FULL!
Deposit: $300

Full Payment: $795

NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 15TH | Payment plans are available

If you do not wish to pay through PayPal, please call us at 650.961.7649
or email connie@connieviveros.com



“This retreat was mind-blowing in the best way possible. It exceeded my expectations and some! I received SO much value after the very first day and the adventures kept coming. Even though I felt advanced in my healing abilities, there’s always more transformatoin you can experience in both your personal and professional life. ‘WOW,’ is all I have to say.
–Elena Guinto, Soul Quest Sedona 2017

“Out of this world! After my time in retreat I feel more powerful and more of service to the world in my healing abilities. I feel SO seen and heard and LOVED by these Earth angels! These magnificent beings [teachers] are doing excellent work, helping souls in their ascension, one by one. Good job. I am forever changed by my experience.”
–Christina Liu, Soul Quest Sedona 2017

“I came to this retreat feeling a bit broken and unsure. Throughout my time in retreat I was able to meet my grief and sorrow, and I found incredible peace. This retreat completely filled my cup to overflowing. I found my Light, met my Soul family at the Canyon and saw my own Soul in its FULL magnificence. I am humbled by the expereince and the love I felt throughout these 4 days.”
–Diane Ram, Soul Quest Sedona, 2017


Connie Viveros is professionally trained as a Master Integrative Life
Coach through the Ford Institute for Transformation ®, and certified
in numerous Integrative Coaching Modules. She is also a Certified
Master Spiritual Channel and Intuitive. As a natural healer and
spiritual growth facilitator Connie is devoted to supporting individuals
in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self. From
these profound experiences, along with her own spiritual awakening,
she shares an understanding of the extraordinary cosmic plan
unfolding on the Earth: One person… One new thought…One new
possibility at a time. Connie is presently aligned and channels the
many energies of Divine Feminine, including Mother Mary, The
Magdalene Order, Pele, Kali and other ‘Council of Light,’ allowing her
to bring forth messages of unconditional love, guidance, compassion,
support and healing.
Wendy Gayle is a well respected, award winning psychic and
professional spiritual counselor, Certified by Best American Psychics.
She has been teaching, conducting psychic readings and one-on-one
healing for over 20 years. Wendy is certified in over 15 healing
modalities, including cranialsacral, polarity therapy, and has been an
active full body trance channel for over 15 years. Through her intensive
work with the angelic realm Wendy has found the profound gifts of her
clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, and channeling, and believes these
are all natural abilities that are inherent in our being. It has become her
life’s passion to inspire the unfolding of those gifts in others. Wendy
currently channels Archangel Metatron, offering deep intuitive and
compassionate assistance. Metatron is adept at providing spiritual
guidance, answering any questions about life path journey,
relationships, career and more!


You are responsible for booking your own air travel to and from Mount Shasta. Flights in and out of Redding OR Sacramento would be best. Or, you
can choose to fly into San Francisco. Shasta is a 5 hour drive north of San Francisco. Book early and SAVE!You are also responsible for getting yourself to Shasta. There are several car rental companies or shuttle services available. If you need help, please let Connie know and we can help you find the best option available. Also, if you’re interested in sharing a ride, you may want to post on the SOUL TRIBE RETREAT FACEBOOK page to find others who are looking to ride share.

Mount Shasta is is approximately a 4.5 to 5 hour drive from San Francisco.
Mount Shasta is a 2.5 hour drive from Sacramento and a 20 minute drive from Redding, CA.

Carpooling is encouraged. Please leave your pets at home. Out of respect for others and this sacred place, the retreat is a smoke free gathering and
neither recreational drugs or alcohol are allowed.

Check-in is on Wednesday, September 12th from 3:00 PM and the opening gathering is on Thursday, September 13 at 9:00 AM. If you cannot make it
on Thursday or need to arrive later that day please let us know. The email address to contact us is: connie@connieviveros.com

After you reserve your space, you will receive an email with more information regarding directions, itinerary, etc.

You are also responsible for your own meals throughout the retreat. The hotel has a restaurant where we plan to congregate for group meals, and dine
dine together whenever possible.

Our Expanding Your Glorious Light Retreat begins at 9 am on Thursday, September 13th and ends at 3 pm on Sunday, September 16th.
When booking your airline travel, or arranging carpools be sure to plan on arriving on Wednesday, September 12th.

You are also free book your own accommodations, and join us for retreat only!

Please plan to arrive in Shasta the day before the retreat is scheduled to begin. Check into your accommodations and get a good night’s sleep.

This healing retreat is a weekend of empowerment to create and re-focus your life.
Come alone and/or bring a friend. Now is the time to experience a transformation that has the power to change your life!

One you are registered we will send you a more complete itinerary of our activities. There will be a series of excursions to sacred sites, which are included in our retreat fees.

You will be receiving more detailed information about the retreat’s daily itinerary in early September. We are still in the process of downloading and creating our sacred itinerary. Rest assured, it will be a deeply transformational experience. For now, we want you to know how incredibly excited we are to have you join us for what’s sure to be another extraordinary adventure!

To secure your spot, make your $300 deposit NOW or pay in FULL!
Deposit: $300

Full Payment: $795

NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 15TH | Payment plans are available

If you do not wish to pay through PayPal, please call us at 650.961.7649
or email connie@connieviveros.com