Unlock your psychic abilities and


4-Part Psychic Development Course + Downloadable Journal

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Believe it or not, we are all born with psychic abilities–the sense or feelings that are beyond the physical realm. 

The key to tapping into your superpowers is learning how to follow your intuition, to recognize and then cultivate these gifts in you. 

Join us for this experiential development course, and embark on a life-changing journey to awaken your superpowers.

For a limited time only, we are offering this 4-part course and a complimentary journal for an introductory fee of $147 $97.00!

Is This Psychic Development Course For Me?

Psychic abilities are not rare and are not reserved for specific individuals. In fact, everyone has these superpowers, you just need to learn how to properly tap into them. We have curated this 4-part course to help individuals learn the techniques and practices needed to truly awaken their psychic abilities, and embrace their superpowers.

Imagine how it would feel to:

Truly understand and identify your intuition as a superpower.

Effortlessly manifest what you want in life.

Have the ability to hear your soul’s voice and guidance clearly.

Awaken Your Superpowers & Transform Your Life

This course will help you to:

  • Develop your superpowers and refine your energies.
  • Enhance your intuition (what many call your sixth sense).
  • Harness the power of your soul’s purpose and begin seeing and knowing yourself as a channel for divine wisdom.
  • Learn daily spiritual practices that will allow you to further your journey into the spiritual realm.
  • Develop an awareness of what your gifts are, and learn how to use them to enhance your life and the life of those around you.
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Spirit does not always show up as a voice. And by practicing and deepening your understanding of your abilities, Spirit can show as a knowing, a feeling, or even a sensation in your intuition. 

This 4-part course + companion journal will help you to recognize your intuition and its subtle energy, notice coincidences and synchronicities in and all around you, as you recognize Spirit is working in your life. 

Meet Your Coaches


Wendy Gayle & Metatron

I believe it’s never too late to begin a new chapter or awaken to the true purpose of your life. At the age of 41, after an intense spiritual awakening, I changed the direction of my path. My new direction took me on a deep spiritual journey into the study of intuitive development, advanced healing modalities, mediumship, and channeling. I am a tested and ethical psychic, a full-body trance channel for the Archangel Metatron, and certified in fifteen healing modalities. 

Metatron is Divine Consciousness dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings. His mission is to enliven the soul’s journey. He brings information to remind you of your Divinity and to assist you to understand the soul’s journey in a way that is healing and empowering.

Connie Viveros Summit Image

Connie Viveros & Divine Mother

I am a professionally trained Master Integrative Life Coach through the Ford Institute for Transformation and certified in a number of Integrative Coaching Modules. As a natural healer and spiritual growth facilitator, I am devoted to supporting individuals in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self. I began coaching as a result of my own transformation because I felt a strong desire to help others deal with the overwhelming prospect of authentically changing their lives. I am a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Spiritual intuitive, and Master Channel of the Divine. 

For more than 12 years, we have been helping thousands of individuals around the world realize and activate their psychic abilities. 

For a limited time only we are offering this course for an introductory fee of only $147 $97.00

Sign up today and gain immediate access plus a complimentary journal you can use to write your thoughts and track your spiritual journey.

How is this course different?

Awakening Your Superpowers is a 4-part, online course hosted by Wendy Gayle and Connie Viveros. As your spiritual coaches, they will guide you on a highly experiential journey to listening, understanding, engaging, and navigating your intuition. With the practices taught throughout this course, you will be able to open yourself to creating deeper connection, and relationship with your spiritual guidance.  

Simply put, this course will change your life. 

By learning to harness the power of your innate psychic abilities, you will embark on a unique journey that opens your eyes to a new world of possibilities.

"Angels Emerging Channeling Training is so much more than learning to be a channel. It’s life changing. Connie and Wendy helped me dig deep within myself to come face to face with who I really am, and allow my smaller self to fade away. Through deepening my connection with spirit, I’ve been able to shed limiting beliefs that have held me back, and step into new and exciting endeavors. Connie and Wendy are the real deal and I highly recommend this training." – Shari S., Certified Master Channel

"The masterful teachings by Angels Emerging, Wendy Gayle & Connie Viveros are divinely guided and very much in alignment with cosmic consciousness. Most importantly, they act as a Divine Guides toward one’s own spiritual development. There is no limit to how much light, love, wisdom, and profound shifts they will obtain within. The completion of this course and receiving mastery produces one thing—miracles!" – Jeannette 

"This course has opened up so much and taking me on such a life changing journey. It has taking me to places that I was previously fearful of going and showed me to trust guidance. I highly recommend anyone who desires to learn more about themselves or wants to be able to clearly and consistently hear words of guidance to take this entire course. Connie and Wendy guide you through the entire process with such love and encouragement. Be prepared for a life changing experience." – Michele D. 

"The Awaken Your Connection To Spirit courses with Wendy Gayle and Connie Viveros has helped me not only to get grounded in channeling practice, but to move beyond that into a comfort level that was beyond my expectations. I love the way we were supported, but also the individual attention and individualized advise and energetic support. I feel connected to Spirit and confident in my ability to call upon guidance in my life and beyond. It was truly an amazing experience." – Lois

"I am completely blown away by the incredible, sacred space held for each one of us in this course! The energy was flowing both energetically and technically all weekend long. ​I loved meeting and connecting with everyone in the group. Connie and Wendy are compassionate, kind teachers who thrive on seeing their students take flight. Their divine guidance is not only constantly present but also contagious. My life has been transformed by this work!" – Julie S.

"The power of these courses cannot be overstated. I have taken every class offered by Angels Emerging, because each time I am awestruck by the wisdom and insight in each of the calls. Wendy and Connie are simply wonderful because they so uniquely complement each other. The inspired teachings and points of clarification that they bring to the table have allowed for a greater expansion of my connection to Source Guidance and particularly my soul path. If this is your first time channeling, please sign up now…you will thank yourself later. Love and light always." Kristine A. 

"I highly recommend Angels Emerging’s “Awakening the Channel [Awaken Your Connection to Spirit]” training. Connie and Wendy were wonderful at holding encouraging and loving space for our natural channeling gifts to be fully rooted in us. I absolutely loved the presence of Divine Mother and Metatron in our teaching sessions. Their presence, along with advice, support, and divine wisdom they provided a wonderfully safe environment for everyone in the class to surrender, allow and ‘be’ a clear, open vessel to receive true guidance. It was a great experience." – Cynthia Welch

"Awakening the Channel / Awaken Your Connection to Spirit with Angels Emerging is a must do, especially if you are interested in learning about channeling and want to realize your gifts and talents. As a requirement to The Diamond Co-Creative System® Accreditation for Coaches, Practitioners & Teachers, it will open the door to what you are here to contribute to others and the world! Thank you Connie and Wendy for being a conduit to steward others in fulfilling their SOUL’s Purpose and destiny!" – Amanda Slade, Founder, The Diamond Co-Creative System®

"I absolutely loved the purity of Angels Emergings teachings and could feel all the love poured into this training. I will no longer be running away from the spiritual world because I have been taught how to maneuver and connect with the divine. Before arriving here, I was so lost, confused, and beaten down throughout my life and you have given me so many amazing tools to heal myself – understanding that I am a sanctuary of light, that I must protect my sacred space, and that I need to ask the divine for help has been a game-changer for me. The teachings are very powerful and I have had many wonderful experiences throughout this process from synchronistic events to feeling the energies move through me, to incoming inspirational thoughts and ideas. If I would have known what I now know, I could have avoided much pain and suffering in my life. I [still] have a lot of work to do on myself and feel very confident that the practices I have been given will get me where I need to be. My heart is overflowing with gratitude." – Sharon 

“Connie and Wendy are amazing and inspiring channels for Divine Wisdom. I had the pleasure of joining their ‘Awaken Your Connection to Spirit Program’ this past year [2022], and loved every module. Every weekend of the program we were given bite size pieces of teaching with wonderfully easy to use tools to integrate and grow stronger in our connection with Guidance. The teachings were powerful and unlike anything else I had done in other trainings—and I’ve done many. I was blown away by what I learned and immediately began having new, more profound experiences with Guidance, experiences that I could understand. So many programs promise a lot, and what makes Angels Emerging so unique is that they prepare you for the long haul!” - Lisa K.