Angel Emerging East & West

Spirit is (always) making greater plans for Angel Emerging. We are now established on both coasts, in California as Angel Emerging West, and in Connecticut as Angel Emerging East.

Whether you live on the West Coast or East Coast, attending our events in person are wonderful opportunities to connect and gather with other like-minded souls who are also on the spiritual path.

Even with the advent of so much technology in our lives, there’s nothing more special—or potent—than gathering in person to support one another in our healing.

When you attend events live you will experience often missed connections that we, as humans crave!

Take a few minutes to peruse the many class offerings, and events offered.

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Angel Emerging West

For those of you on the west coast, Angel Emerging West hosts regular monthly events that will spur your Spiritual Growth and acceleration.
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Angel Emerging East

For those on the east coast, we are busy working on building a thriving schedule of events and offerings. If you’re anywhere on the east, please look us up.
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What Makes Us Unique

Angel Emerging is dedicated to supporting you to find your ‘soul self ‘ and the power that resides here.


We work on activating your unique spiritual “gifts” so you can shine brightly and courageously, and teach you how to live aligned with your soul’s true mission and purpose.


When you begin to align with your soul it creates an opening for your authentic power. This new kind of power – is literally reshaping our world and is essential to creating a life of purpose, fulfillment and joy.


We are unlike anything else in awakening your soul and aligning you with your SOUL’s purpose. Finding your purpose connects you to your soul, and allows you to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, gratitude, and joy.


Our courses and events are so much more than channeling training. When you take an Angel Emerging course, you go much deeper and feel confident and connected to the highest version of yourself and to those around you.


We begin by focusing on where you are, and where you desire yourself to be.


Angel Emerging is dedicated to supporting you in discovering your soul self and the power that resides here.


We provide the warmest, most connected, safe space for you to transform—when fear shows up—which it often does.


Wendy & Connie

Wendy Gayle and Connie Viveros are spiritual teachers and intuitives offering nurturing guidance and heart-centered awareness of our connection with Source energy. Together, they offer messages and channeled transmissions to serve the awakening of humanity, and to assist anyone who chooses in the journey of awakening the you that lives within the soul.
We give back!

Donation to Charities

At our core, we believe that giving - in all forms - is vital to our business. We see that there are several types of giving: time, money, and service. Our ``service`` and efforts at giving back is more than just donating money to those in need. We are constantly striving to support charitable causes we care deeply about through sacred service and monetary contributions. We commit 5% of our annual profits to charities committed to causes we are passionate about.