Lions Gate Activation and Ascension Meditation

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Lions Gate Activation and Ascension Meditation

August 8 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PDT

Remember way back, about 6 months ago when we had the 2-2-22 gateway? Well, Spirit has spoken and they say it’s time to gather again…as the 6 month mirror is upon us for this potent portal and gateway!
The energies of this year’s Lion’s Gateway will deliver even more intense and powerful energies for us to use for transformation and manifestation personally and globally.
The energy of the Lion’s Gateway is about pure potentiality and endless possibilities. The gateway is a portal where energies of other higher dimensional galaxies pour into our planet and thus our lives.
The energy is full of light codes meant to assist the transformation and evolution of our planet. Light codes are a language all their own, and carry some of the highest frequency vibrations we have can experience as humans! When “activated” they are meant to raise us up into higher dimensions. These higher dimensions are about Love and Oneness, and LIVING IN THE FREQUENCY of ONE essentially delivering the message of Unity.

Here’s a message from Divine Mother and Source about the significance of the Lions Gate date:


“Since the Aquarius Gate in February, you entered into a period of accelerated frequency and personal “expansion”. This was felt at the big shifts of the February 2, February 22, March 22, as well as the lunar and solar eclipses along with your Equinox and Summer Solstice, and more recently the 6-6-6 and 7-7 Portals.
These are the gateways we spoke about earlier, which brought you to a higher and finer frequency, so that you are ready to make a quantum “leap” as you transit the Lions Gate in August.
This particular 8-8 will be a pinnacle moment when you will step forward into the “expanded” version of yourself.
Many of you have had this feeling, in the last months, that you are on the threshold of something wonderful and miraculous. Others have felt an intense desire to open, and to be of Spirit’s service to the light for the New Earth.
Indeed, beloveds, this is the time when you will be able to spread your ‘angelic wings’ and step into this new version of yourself.
At this time, as as so many of you are holding the higher frequencies, the eternal Soul families are coming together in a significant way.
As a member of a soul family, (like this one here) you may feel the intensity of your involvement, and wanting to become more active, as your frequency reaches higher and higher dimensions. You may feel a strong desire for safer harbor, where the Divine energies and Souls, are being attracted to each other to make deeper connection. These connections WILL BECOME the communities that will form the Foundations of the New Earth, and these communities will be essential in bringing our sacred Light back to Earth.
The Earth, beloved, is returning to her original blueprint as the sacred planet in the galaxy, and those who are a part of service to the New Earth are becoming the Sacred Keepers of the New Earth.
If you are here, you are connected to these Angelic and Galactic families, to the Christ Consciousness and all of its powers. You are ready to connect together to create communities that will express these connections! “

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Lions Gate Activation and and Ascension Meditation


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August 8
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PDT


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Connie Viveros