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Power Up Your Chakras

August 20 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

Power Up Your Chakras: For Personal Ascension and Light Work


Have you ever considered how truly amazing your chakras are?

Not only are they a vital component of your spiritual awakening, they are also a constant energy source connecting you to all things everywhere!

When our chakras are clear and aligned we feel our innate connection to Source, experience balance in our lives and benefit from deeper connection to guidance. However, when our chakras are out of balance, or holding on to lower vibrational frequencies, we often experience chaos in our lives and illness in our physical bodies.

Isn’t it interesting that chakras play such an important part in our daily lives yet are often overlooked in spiritual practices?

Our chakric system is the key to awakening our I Am presence by assisting in uplevelling our consciousness.

Chakras are multidimensional by nature! As we discover the power of our own chakras, we begin to experience sovereignty over our own energy field and Light body. We begin to transform from our carbon based beingness into our crystalline nature!

Power Up Your Chakras is a unique and potent workshop designed to expand your ability to access higher Light frequencies, further open your psychic awareness, strengthen your empathic nature, and bring you into alignment with your God I Am presence.

In this class Metatron and Divine Mother will take you beyond the traditional seven chakra system as they assist you to connect, clear, and activate eleven (11) of your major chakra centers.nt call information for the virtual retreat!

Power Up Your Chakras is designed for everyone desiring to restore physical and energetic balance. The workshop will also provide straightforward tools for healers, channels, and the lay person to work with the chakras in an expanded way. We hope you will join us for this transcendent workshop as we learn how to transform our lives!

Power Up Chakras


” I am completely blown away by the incredible, sacred space held for each one of us in this course! The energy was flowing both energetically and technically all weekend long. ​I loved meeting and connecting with everyone in the group. Connie and Wendy are compassionate, kind teachers who thrive on seeing their students take flight. Their divine guidance is not only constantly present but also contagious. My life has been transformed by this work!”

– Julie S.


Divine Mother and Metatron will also assist you to:

  • Clear and activate all your chakras for optimal energy flow
  • Learn rituals for raising your frequency and running energy for health and wellbeing
  • Explore the energies of your EarthStar, SoulStar, Stellar Gateway, and Galactic Gateway Chakras for higher healing and personal ascension work
  • Connect with special crystals that help clear, balance and energize the chakras
  • Receive sacred Bija mantras to align your chakras with the higher consciousness of Source wisdom

“The power of these courses cannot be overstated. I have taken every class offered by Angels Emerging, because each time I am awestruck by the wisdom and insight in each of the calls. Wendy and Connie are simply wonderful because they so uniquely complement each other. The inspired teachings and points of clarification that they bring to the table have allowed for a greater expansion of my connection to Source Guidance and particularly my soul path. If this is your first time channeling, please sign up now…you will thank yourself later. Love and light always.” -Kristine


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August 20
10:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT


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