10 Amazing Healers Come Together to Offer       

Individual 15-Minute Healing Sessions!


Next healing sessions are offered on


between the hours of

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM  Pacific

Our Healing Sunday Event has TEN 15-minute healing sessions available each month.  

If you are not able to join this month, please join our mailing list to be notified for future dates.


If you’re in need of healing, Metatron, channeled by Wendy Gayle, Divine Mother, channeled by Connie Viveros, along with eight additional master healers—all well skilled in their abilities—are coming together to offer 15-minute Remote Healing Sessions in the comfort of your home!

Each 15-minute healing session will be conducted on ZOOM Video Call, where you will be at the center of our circle. A session with our team of highly trained, master channels can be especially helpful during this challenging time of instability upon our planet. Feel free to bring any type of concern for which you seek healing, and our team will provide maximum energy healing for you.

Each session will be led by Metatron and Divine Mother, with other Divine Channels holding space for your healing. Afterward, you will receive direct messages and feedback from your group of  healers.


Don’t delay…these Healing Sunday’s sell out quickly. Book your 15-minute virtual healing session today!

A 15-minute Healing Session for $33

All fees are being donated to COVID-19 charitable causes and to help Healthcare Workers during this time 

You must register first, then book a time to secure your spot! 

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Healing Sunday available appointment times. All time slots are a first come, first served basis. If a time request is not available you will be booked to your second choice. 

Appointment Times Are:

10:00-10:15 AM Pacific Time |  1:00-1:15 PM Eastern Time

10:25-10:40 AM Pacific Time |  1:25-1:40 PM Eastern Time

10:50-11:05 AM Pacific Time |  1:50-2:05 PM Eastern Time

11:15-11:30 PM Pacific Time |  2:15-2:30 pm Eastern Time

11:40-11:55 PM Pacific Time |  2:40-2:55 pm Eastern Time 

Once payment is made you will receive an email to BOOK your Healing Session.  All Appointments Bookings are final.

There are NO REFUNDS. Please arrive ON TIME for your appointment!

If you are not able to make your appointment, please let us know immediately. 

Contact connieviveros@gmail.com or TEXT us at 650-906-8724

Thank you so much for all your time, care, and wisdom! I feel as though my life is changing and progressing in the right direction and the Healers in my session provided me with so much information about my current health issues. After my session I felt renewed and I can see myself differently now. You all gave such encouraging messages and information which I appreciate so much. Thank you for the experience.”    —Aida

“During my zoom healing session, it literally felt like there were hands on my head and my shoulders. I could feel the presence of something, maybe angels, in my room, it felt like deep waves of energy. Throughout the session I felt such deep peace and resting in my soul. I came to ask for healing with a particular work situation, yet ended up receiving a lot more.  It was beautiful and more than I had expected.”   —Jane


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