Quantum Channeling Repeat Options

Choose the payment plan that is right for you

  • If you have previously enrolled in Angels Emerging’s Advanced Channeling training and wish to retake the Quantum Channeling, the 4 Month Celestial [Non Certification] Completion Program may be best for you. For repeating students the fee is $1,995.
  • If you have not previously been certified, and wish to retake and become Certified, then the Mastery Program is best for you. Our repeat Quantum Mastery Certification Program, is $2,195. You may make this payment via our Celestial Completion Payment Page HERE
  • If you have already been certified, you may enroll in the program, attend all 5-1/2 months of training, for the same fee of $1,995.

Contact Connie if you have any questions. We will work with you to make it easy and comfortable. Email me at Connie@connieviveros.com

Full Payment of $1,995

Full Payment

Make 2 Payments of $999

2 Payment Option

Make 3 Payments of $677

3 Payment Option

Make 4 Payments of $521

4 Payment Option

Make 6 Payments of $349

6 Payment Option

Make 9 Payments of $233

9 Payment Option

Make 12 Payments of $177

12 Payment Option