Quantum Channeling Repeat Options

Choose the payment plan that is right for you

If you have previously enrolled in Angels Emerging’s Advanced Channeling training and wish to retake the Quantum Channeling, the 4 Month Celestial Completion Program may be best for you. For repeating students the fee is $1,800.

If you have already been certified, you may enroll in the Mastery Program attend all 5-1/2 months of training, for the same fee of $1,800.

If you have not previously been certified, and wish to retake the Certification portion or Quantum Mastery Program, the fee will then be $2,100. You may make this payment via our Celestial Completion Payment Page HERE

Contact Connie if you have any questions. We will work with you to make it easy and comfortable. Email me at Connie@connieviveros.com

Full Payment of $1,800

Full Payment

Make 3 Payments of $611

3 Payment Option

Make 6 Payments of $309

6 Payment Option

Make 9 Payments of $211

9 Payment Option

Make 12 Payments of $159

12 Payment Option