Sedona 2017

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Sedona, Arizona


Soul Quest Sedona is a complete immersion into the landscapes and energies of the sacred vortices of this treasured spot on earth. Sedona is home to some of the most visually powerful creations on Earth, and yet there is so much more to these ‘Red Rock’ formations–as they also happen to be some of the most spiritually charged due to the immense energies they hold. It is here, within these sacred vortices where we will journey, and feel connected, expanded and guided by the “Light Beings” that call Sedona their home away from home!

Since the “Harmonic Convergence” in 1987, Sedona has been the destination, and increasingly the home to literally thousands of “Light Beings.” It’s the location’s power they come to experience, considered to be in high concentration due to the site’s mystifying vortexes. Described as whirling masses of energy, the vortexes purportedly affect anyone who comes within a quarter mile of them.


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