How Can You Tell If You’re an Empath?

How Can You Tell If You’re an Empath?

By: Wendy Gayle

How are you feeling today? If you are an EMPATH you are probably feeling everything! You feel the energies shifting within you personally plus the emotions of all your relations and the world at large. For many this has caused a bit of a bumpy ride. The journey of an empath can be wonderful and challenging all at the same time! The good news is you are not alone and there are ways to bring balance to what you feel.

So, how do you know if you are an empath?

An empath is someone who feels deeply. Sometimes referred to as a sensitive or a VSP, very sensitive person, an empath is someone who will wake up in the morning feeling spectacular then walk through the grocery store and feel emotionally overwhelmed or filled with anxiety.

Another telling sign of an empath is if you are easily hurt, can’t let go of negative thoughts and emotions; or if your loved ones are constantly telling you that you are too sensitive or too emotional, you are most likely an empath.

Many reclusive and introverted individuals are empaths and tend to pull into an emotionally safe place when the energies around them become too intense. So if you enjoy your alone time, often need a break from “people” chances are you are an empath.

While being an empath can feel overwhelming at times, it is also good to understand that every human is on a course of evolving our sensory perceptions and feeling centers. As humans evolve we develop the ability to communicate through our feeling centers.

Your empathic centers in the heart, solar plexus, and naval chakra are processing more information than ever before. Communicating through our empathic nature leaves no room for subterfuge or untruths as our communications becomes more than what is spoken. Don’t even try to lie to a fully empowered empath!

So how do you embrace your sensitivity as a gift instead of a curse?

How do you live in a world of chaos and uncertainty without being constantly bombarded?

Here are a few well learned ideas to help you along you path: :

  1. Release other people’s judgment on your sensitivity. Embrace your deep feelings as a unique part of who you are.
  2. Know who you are and how you feel in every moment. This helps you to feel empowered and is easily accomplished by just paying attention to yourself as opposed to everyone else.
  3. When things get bumpy or feel “off” take inventory. Check in with your intuition to understand what feelings are “yours” and what belongs to someone else. What belongs to someone else, let it go. Imagine you can pull another persons “stuff” out of your body and into your breath. Exhale deeply to release it.
  4. Learn to use your breath as a catalyst for letting go of energy that is not yours or does not serve you. Take a few minutes to breathe, breathe, breathe all the way into your belly. This will help you pay attention to how your empathic centers are feeling.
  5. Disconnect from social media—this is an obvious solution, and regular breaks from your devices and constant connection can only serve your soul!
  6. Understand you cannot change everything in this moment. Be gentle with yourself and allow situations to naturally solve themselves. Concentrate on what is in front of you to avoid overwhelm.
  7. Do your best not to get “hooked in” to other people’s emotional turmoil. If it is unavoidable, let others have sovereignty over their own process. You are not required to “fix” other people’s problems!
  8. You have your own emotions to process, it is not necessary for you to take on someone else’s “stuff”. It bears hearing more than once!

Consider Grounding Up Not Down

If you are someone who grounds daily, please consider “grounding up” as opposed to grounding into the earth. It is a very simple process and will help you pull your energy vibration up, thus avoiding the chaos on the earth plane. It is very beneficial of evening out the feeling centers.

Begin by imagining Source in all its strength and love. Imagine that you place a HUGE crystal in the center of Source. Make it your favorite crystal!

Start to draw calming, grounding or Source energy down from your crown chakra (top of the head) all the way through your body to the root chakra (base of the spine). In a normal grounding process you would then send your roots or grounding cords into the earth. However, to ground up, imagine that from your grounding cords/roots begin to make a u-turn and travel back up the front of your body to the center of Source.

As the energy travels back to the center of Source, imagine your grounding cords wrapping around your beautiful crystal. Take a moment to breathe and become centered.

The feeling of ‘grounding up’ will be different than that solidity of an earth connection. It may feel a bit floaty and not at all solid. Try to practice it for a couple of days and it should start to feel more comfortable and safe. A haven from the chaos.

Lastly, please remember you are never alone on your journey, and you are not required to go it alone. When in need reach out to your Guides and Angels for assistance. Reach out to a loved one for support. Reach out to another empath—as they can surely understand what you’re going through, and can offer suggestions or lend support.

Blessings on the journey!