Practicing Neutrality As a Way of Being

Practicing Neutrality As A Way of Being

By: Connie Viveros

Recently I was asked what, out of everything I have studied over the past 30+ years, is the most important tool in my spiritual tool kit. My immediate response was neutrality!

This essential trait is my ‘go to’ tool for all aspects of my life—spiritual, physical, emotional or other. This is because neutrality has the ability to de-stresses and de-charge any and all interactions. It brings me into alignment with Source and guidance, allowing me to live and work from the place of my personal sovereignty. It assists me to be more connected with my Guides, Angels, and the Beings of Light that love me. To say that neutrality has changed my life is an understatement!

I define neutrality as a way of being; being present, being empowered, and being in a state of expanded consciousness. Most human beings’ energy patterns run in a thousand different directions at once, and we’re constantly bumping up against each other’s vibrational field. Depending on our energetic and emotional state, this can trigger charged interactions and challenging relationships. Practicing neutrality allows us the space to come from a place of responding, as opposed to reacting, and gives us the ability to remove any charge, stress, or chaos from an interaction. Neutrality opens the door to new POSSIBILITY in any situation.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to practice this wonderful tool by actively looking at events, circumstance and relationships in my life through the lens of neutrality. For many this might feel odd at first, but I guarantee positive results if you stay the course!  It may feel like an entirely new way of “seeing” things as neither good nor bad—but simply ‘as is,’ or just “being.”

When we’re constantly assigning values to events and circumstances as “This is wrong, or I have to fix it,” we automatically become enmeshed in the energy of force.  And it is our reactions to the energy represented by events, circumstances and relationships that determines whether they will have a positive or negative affect in your life.

Practicing neutrality is a lot like “being in the flow” and feels much like the energy of water, river or stream that flows under, over and around obstacles, instead of say, the energy of a steamroller that tries to crush or pulverize any obstacles in one’s path. It’s been a huge source of comfort and harmony learning to ‘be in the flow’ of life as opposed to forcefully pushing.

Being in the flow is a more effortless way of being, you go where you need to go without impediment. The steamroller approach is, however, tends to be more forceful and uses huge amounts of energy to accomplish any task.

So I had to ask myself, “why would I want to use my precious resource of energy (chi) fighting battles, judging or “pushing energy” as opposed to going with the flow? Well, after several weeks of actively practicing going with the flow, I can officially assert, it is infinitely better, because I am left feeling more energetic, more joyful and peaceful!

Practicing neutrality is really much easier than you might believe it to be. I want to share with you a fairly simply exercise that can help you to begin to let go of struggle, surrender to what is and step into the flow of life.

Note:  For those of you who relate to being an empath, neutrality is a life saver! For healers and channels, neutrality helps keep our energy, emotions, and ego out of the space that belongs to Spirit. It also brings greater integrity to any of the messages, and/or the healing we offer.

Here’s a simple 3-step way to begin practicing neutrality in your own life:

  1.  Connect With a Energy of a Tree!  One of the reasons it feels so wonderful to be around trees is that their energy runs in an up-and-down energy pattern—it’s calming and centering—whereas the human energy field flows in a thousand different directions. When we learn to move our energy in an up-and-down pattern like a tree, it shifts our vibrational field into a more neutral state. If it sounds a bit simplistic, it’s because it is simple!

Sit quietly for a few minutes and imagine yourself as your favorite tree, then begin running your energy in an up-an-down motion.

  1. Use Your Breath.  Before we put the pieces of our exercise together, take a moment to get accustomed to the pattern of breathing. You may stand, sit, or lie down, whatever is most comfortable for you. The breathing pattern looks like this:
  • Inhale from your feet to your heart
  • Exhale from your heart to your crown
  • Inhale from your crown back to your heart
  • Exhale from your heart back to the feet to feet

Try it a few times until it feels like second nature to you.

  1. Practice Guided Imagery.  Now, close your eyes and imagine or perceive your favorite tree. Even if you are someone who does not “see” pictures in your head, you can still perceive or imagine what your tree looks like. When you get a picture or feel of it, imagine you can superimpose the tree over your physical body. Then, become your favorite tree! The trunk is your torso, the branches, twigs, and leaves sprout from your shoulders and head. Your feet become the roots that reach deep into the earth.
  1. Now, Let’s Put It All Together.  Relax and begin to imagine you and your favorite tree merge into one – superimposing the tree over your body.

Bring your attention to the roots, take a deep breath, and imagine you are pulling the trees energy up to your heart. Hold it a beat

Exhale while you imagine your tree energy moving up into the branches and leaves. Hold it a beat.

Inhale the energy back down into the heart and hold a beat, feeling the calming energy.

Exhale the energy from the heart all the way back down the trunk to your roots and into the earth.

Repeat at least three (3) times or more if you are looking to experience greater neutrality!

It might take a bit of practice but feels wonderful and this practice can immediately bring you into a neutral energy space.

I practice this exercise daily. It has become so ingrained in me that if I find myself in a charged situation all I have to do is take a deep breath and imagine my tree. It immediately brings me back to a neutral polarity.

When something occurs in your life that you do not agree with and you feel yourself rising to the bait, simply stop and take an emotional assessment of where you are. If your gut is clenching, your temper is rising and your muscles are contracting STOP and take a moment to imagine your tree…. Go to that calm, centered place within and start to run your tree energy exercise—bringing you easily to the neutral observer.

From this vantage point, you’ll have an opportunity to decide, “Is this worth so much to me that I’m willing to force myself into this situation or am I able to take a step back and allow myself to move into the flow so that I may enter into a state of harmony?”

Placing yourself in the space of neutrality or “no reaction” moves the energy out of your personal space and into the hands of the all-seeing Source energy so solutions you could not have foreseen become increasingly apparent and circumstances seem to take care of themselves. This is not a place of no effort for you must make a conscious effort not to jump into the fray and instead hold yourself in a place of loving peace.

This is also the space in which you have joined with the Divine and you can receive inspiration. You are free to act on that inspiration as long as you give yourself permission and the freedom to flow with things as they unfold instead of trying to force them. Being in a state of neutrality is the most expansive state and requires you to be completely open to and connected to source energy. Being in the mode of forcing energy shuts you down and relies on self-sufficiency which is not adequate to effect meaningful or long-lasting change.

This place of being neutral is NOT a place of doing nothing, it’s a place of the highest expression of unconditional love which seeks only to bring the outcome which is for the highest good of all concerned.

I can almost hear you sigh in relief. 

Enjoy “being” a tree!