Meet Wendy & Connie

Wendy Gayle and Connie Viveros are spiritual teachers and intuitives offering nurturing guidance and heart-centered awareness of our connection with Source energy. Together, they offer messages and channeled transmissions to serve the awakening of humanity, and to assist anyone who chooses in the journey of awakening the you that lives within the soul.

Wendy Gayle & Metatron

Wendy Gayle believes it is never too late to begin a new chapter or awaken to the true purpose of your life.
At the age of 41, fueled by an intense spiritual awakening and transformation, she changed the direction of her path. This new direction took her on a deep spiritual journey into the study of intuitive development, advanced healing modalities, mediumship, and channeling. She is now a tested and ethical psychic, a full body trance channel for the Archangel Metatron, and is certified in fifteen healing modalities.

Metatron is Divine Consciousness dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings. His mission is enlivening the souls journey. He accomplishes this by assisting you through the shifting landscape of personal transformation. Metatron brings information to remind you of your Divinity and to assist you to understand the soul’s journey in a way that is healing and empowering.

In service to humanity, Wendy and Metatron strive to make a difference by invoking the spirit of compassion, understanding, and one-ness in the world. Together they are dedicated to teaching and healing, offering wisdom and insights to assist you to embrace your full potential. They have a way of aligning with your soul, your guidance, and your dreams to empower you to live a balanced, awakened life full of possibility. With warmth and compassion they make it seem effortless and, in the end, will make you feel like anything is possible!


Connie Viveros & Divine Mother

Connie Viveros is professionally trained as a Master Integrative Life Coach through the Ford Institute for Transformation ®, and certified in numerous Integrative Coaching Modules.
As a natural healer and spiritual growth facilitator, Connie is devoted to supporting individuals in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self.

Connie has spent 10 + years helping hundreds of clients achieve a life that is free from emotional turmoil and limitation. She has successfully created the life of her dreams using the same program/s she now teaches—unlocking doors to create a life that feels authentically abundant, successful and balanced.

Connie received her coaching training from the internationally acclaimed Ford Institute for Transformation, and she’s certified in multiple Integrated Coaching Modules. She is also a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Spiritual intuitive and Master Channel of the Divine.

Connie began coaching as a result of her own transformation, because she felt a strong desire to help others deal with the overwhelming prospect of authentically changing their lives.

Today Connie offers a wide range of programs and services—from individual coaching, to large-scale workshops. Her personal passion is connecting with women who also believe they can and must make a difference in this world – starting with themselves. She is dedicated to creating inspiring content and programs that empower all women to transform self-doubt into self-love. Connie is an inspiring public speaker on transformation and she is the published co-author of two books on the subject. An ordained minister, she has served as mentor, friend and inspiration to girls everywhere from her neighborhood all the way to the Masai Mara in East Africa.

Prior to coaching, she spent many successful years as a corporate marketing professional while devoting decades to her own spiritual growth and personal exploration. Through training and certification, Connie has discovered the embodiment of what she has sought for so long: true self love!