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Channeled Psychic Reading

In person or by phone in the comfort of your own home, these channeled sessions with Metatron offer deep intuition and compassionate dialog to assist you in your life. The hour session provides in-depth guidance, answering questions about your life’s path, relationships, career, and more. The half-hour psychic session is great for those “burning” questions. You may record your session.

1 HOUR – $195.00

30 MINUTE – $107.00

Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching

Feeling stuck? Struggling to contact your own guides and angels? Want to know how to move forward into the life you know you are here to live? These powerful and insightful sessions provide practical tools and guidance to help you change your life. These sessions are one hour in length and may be done in person or by phone. You may record your session.

1 HOUR – $195.00

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Private Mentoring Program

If you desire to awaken to your true Spiritual potential, this program is for you! The Private Mentoring Program is a six (6) week, one-on-one activation of your Soul’s journey. You may select one of the in-depth areas of study; Channeling, Mediumship, Healing, or Psychic Development.

Each session is two (2) hours in length and offered on a weekly basis.
You may choose to take your journey in person or by Skype. However, it is imperative that the Healers training be done in person.


Remote Healing Session

This extremely powerful work, also known as distance healing, can be done anywhere at any time. People are always amazed by what they see and feel during these sessions! Many have felt Metatron and the angels in the room with them as the healing took place. Remote healing works well for emotional upsets, physical trauma, and major or minor illness. Each session is thirty minutes in length.

30 MINUTE – $107.00

Hands-On Healing Session

A one-on-one healing session combines hands-on bodywork with channeled guidance from Metatron. These sessions encompass everything from minor physical and emotional discomforts to serious life trauma. Each session is one hour in length.

In person Hands on Healing Sessions can only be done if geographically convenient. Wendy currenty resides in Connecticut.

1 HOUR – $195.00

Wendy Gayle is able to assist or guide you in your own personal spiritual journey, whatever that may be. Her Psychic Reading or Spiritual guidance is done as a private one-on-one consultation to help you discover your own path to enlightenment.

Please Note: Psychic Readings or Spiritual Counseling Consultations are not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please consult a licensed professional regarding these matters.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of the need to cancel an appointment, we will honor one rebooking request, afterwhich there will be NO REFUNDS for missed, or cancelled appointments.