Ready to break through your blocks once and for all so you can step into the more powerful version of you?

Sometimes life appears to be a series of unconnected, unrelated events, and we might even wonder if there’s a divine plan when it can  sometimes all seem so random, and difficult to see the “divine picture.” 

If you’ve ever felt that you’re a part of a bigger, more supreme plan unfolding, then this Master Class Series is a perfect complement to your awakening. As you connect your life events, aka “the dots,” you will begin understanding a more a glorious picture of your soul’s path, and all the ways in which you are part of a great lineage and massive awakening happening at this time.

Connecting the Dots to Your Soul’s Path is a wonderful series that will help you learn to “reset” and “realign” yourself in navigating your Soul Path experience here on Earth!


Four Bi-weekly Thursday Classes

Class 1 meets on October 14
Class 2 meets on October 28
Class 3 meets on November 11
Class 4 meets on December 2
All classes will be held on ZOOM at
4:00-6:00 PM Pacific Time
7:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time

Once registered you will receive the ZOOM Link. If you are unable to attend live, all classes will be recorded and available online, including class meditations, processes and all activations.

Masters Circle 2021


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$247 for all four, or $77 per class

Join Wendy and Connie for this content-rich offering including beautifully designed steps, techniques and support for connecting the dots to YOUR Soul’s uniquely personal, and at times esoteric journey.

Throughout our 4 class journey, we will provide a way to shift your awareness from the ego to soul path, while also ensuring self-care is at the forefront of your journey!

Completely interactive and experiential, you won’t want to miss these exceptional new teachings!

New Visio
  • Remove self-judgment and self sabotage!
  • Let go of letting yourself down
  • Remove feelings of not good enough and unworthiness
  • And anything else that holds you back from living your highest soul potential!
CLASS 1: Breaking Down Your Soul’s Path

Put your Soul back into balance and regain its power by identifying those pesky inner blocks that keep you going in circles. Softly and gently we will dislodge them as you begin to feel more joy, freedom and acceptance within you. Once you remove blockages that cause you to repeat the same patterns, you will find it easier to envision and shape your soul’s path and soul aligned dreams.

  • Let go of old patterns, limiting beliefs, and clear the blocks that prevent you from living your Soul Path.
  • It’s time to connect the dots, and create visibility of your Soul Plan.
  • Unlock your inner greatness and start living your Soul’s true purpose!
CLASS 2: Creating Opportunities For Living The Soul’s Path

Your Soul Path is always urging you to step into your greater calling. Learning how to tune into the subtle soul messages takes practice, as you are lovingly and gently nudged forward in your path.

  • Learn to recognize opportunities and changes with the work you are doing.
  • Practice infusing spiritual energy to create changes in any area of your life and transform whatever is being transmitted
  • Expand the vision of yourself as a channel for the Divine and learn your very own soul language!
CLASS 3:  Aligning Your Divine Self As Humanity Transforms Around You

Most of humanity is not yet able to experience themselves as Divine God, or experience themselves as light vibration. To do so requires a degree of sensitivity to subtle energies. When even a few people align with Divine Source and their Soul Path, these qualities can be known by many, and eventually by shared by everyone.

  • Contacting, aligning, and drawing in the energies of Divine Source/Love energy is required for humanity to make its next evolutionary step. We will practice invoking and aligning ourselves to hold more and more of this highest pedigree of light to help our humanity!
  • We will focus on invoking and living in alignment with our Soul Path through this Divine Source/Love energy, as all of humanity begins to shift its orientation to the light—then the higher purpose of humanity can be known and fulfilled and we all can reach our next level of evolution, together.
  • Surrender your ego, and how you the human thinks it “should” look, and start to embrace how your Divine SOUL Self wants it to look, feel and be!
CLASS 4:  Transmitting As A Divine Being

Divine Source Energy is constantly being transmitted and those who are able to open up to receive it become powerful transmitting agents of it. Part of our purpose is to transmit this Divine Source/Love energy to the planet, and to all life forms including animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. Just as the higher energies are transmitting Divine Source Love to humanity, we in turn are learning how to be the transmission of this energy.

  • Receive and transmit Divine Source Energy to any area of your life, to others, and to other kingdoms for the greatest outcomes.
  • Transmit Divine Source Energy to your own personal goals and explore how to work with the subtle energies to bring them about.
  • Expand the vision of yourself and your life through the eyes of your SOUL PATH journey, where you will easily ‘see’ the larger picture of your life–and where ALL THE DOTS MEET!
Connecting Dots

DON’T WAIT, SIGN UP TODAY. Especially if…

  • You KNOW that you are here for a BIGGER purpose
  • You TRUST that are here to serve the world with your divinely talents and gifts
  • You WANT to heal, and transform at a Soul-level, and go from surviving into thriving.
  • You HAVE so much to offer – you deserve to live a life with purpose, success, abundance, joy and happiness.


Sign up for the series of four and SAVE!

$247 for all four, or $77 per class