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Channeled Psychic Reading

Feeling stuck? Seeking guidance for moving forward in your life?

Experience powerful and insightful sessions with Connie channeling The Christ Sophia’s unique wisdom. These intimate sessions on ZOOM Video offer a compassionate dialog where you can ask any questions. Christ Sophia provides in-depth guidance, helping you develop “soul-utions” for your spiritual growth and healing.

You will receive valuable insights to navigate your life’s journey.

30 MINUTE – $90.00

1 HOUR – $150.00

Spiritual Life Coaching


Transformative spiritual coaching is your key to:

🌟 Aligning with your Divine Soul Self for a smoother life flow.

🌈 Embracing the “I’m possible” from the seemingly impossible.

🚀 Releasing fears, limiting beliefs, and judgments to unlock freedom and opportunity.

Empower yourself to find inner truth and create better outcomes with Spiritual Life Coaching. Life is complicated, but your journey doesn’t have to be. 🌟

1 HOUR SESSION – $150.00

Awaken Your Psychic Gifts

Mentoring & Support For Your Spiritual Journey

Everyone has intuitive/psychic ability at some level, and those abilities can be helpful tools in making decisions, following your dreams, enhancing your relationships, and healing your life. Using a variety of techniques this mentoring series will allow you to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and/or Spiritual Guidance, by opening the doorway to your psychic abilities so you can make the most of your gifts.

4-session series, of 60-90 minute each, including channeled teachings with Divine Mother.


Divine Life Blueprint Coaching & Mentoring

As human beings, we arrive here on planet earth with a divinely designed blueprint for us to live a life that is FULL of happiness and purpose.

If the highest divine blueprint for your life is already determined, and waiting for you to align with it, what would it take for you to make this happen?

What thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors are blocking or sabotaging you from aligning with your highest destiny and actualizing your full potential? Imagine how your life might change if you could only…find that ONE thing that limits, prevents, and repels you from having and living the life of your dreams?

DIVINE LIFE BLUEPRINT Coaching is an incredibly powerful method for healing your limiting beliefs and creating new outcomes in your life!

* All mentoring sessions are offered over Zoom and you are free to record sessions



Breakthrough ``Shadow`` Coaching

This coaching program is ONE OF THE BEST ways to create miracles in your life, and begin moving out of lack and limitation into ease, well–being, deep peace and utter JOY!

Unconceal and reveal your subconscious “shadow” beliefs using proven, therapeutic tools that really WORK!

During this deep immersive journey, you will learn to shift major subconscious programing, uncover own and embrace the very parts of yourself that have limited, blocked, or prevented you from manifesting your greatest desires.

* All mentoring sessions are offered over Zoom and you are free to record sessions


Monthly Payment Options Available

Heal Your Heart Relationship ``Shadow`` Coaching

Learn how to use the ending of a relationship as the catalyst to create and live your most extraordinary life. Based on Debbie Ford’s influential book, Spiritual Divorce, this one-on-one coaching program empowers you to turn “ruin into renewal” and release—once and for all—the unresolved pain from ALL your past relationships! Trust us…it’s absolutely possible!

  • Free yourself from old hurt that keeps you stuck.
  • If you’re ready to re-build a new unshakable future—one that is filled with love, compassion, and deep meaning, release the pain of guilt and disappointment of the past and STOP living the same relationship over and over and over again, this program is perfect for you! Discover Seven Spiritual Laws to help you realize a new future filled with love, health, and purpose, and why FORGIVENESS is the most important step to moving on!


Courage Coaching Overcoming Fear and Igniting Blazing Self-Confidence

Transform weakness to strength, insecurity to confidence, and fear to courage.

Tap into the guiding spiritual principles of your personal wisdom within as you gain access a new kind of confidence and courage. See yourself—and your life—in in a way that inspires, excites and exhilarates you.

  • STOP STRUGGLING and feeling alone, fulfillment, happiness and peace are your birthright!
  • Find your own inner voice, discover your inner “soul” coach and take visionary steps to amazing success, confidence, and fun!
  • Go beyond fear, stand in your strength and own your power and bravery.


If you’re ready for a partner, a mentor, a new, more inspiring vision for your future…and find it too difficult or hard going it alone, hire Connie! Together, you can grow beyond all limitation and lack

NO one gets to the Olympics or becomes an elite athlete on their own…we all need help once in a while to navigate the forces that keep us small!


“Whenever the monthly circle is offered, I sign up. These circles have become an integral part of my life and spiritual practice. I deeply enjoy Connie’s leadership in the women’s circle–each offering drips with love, compassion, and dedication to supporting women in their awakening.”

Aida Maria, Lightworker

“I’ve found the coaches that I know can deliver powerful transformation in all areas of my life and my career. I am at a stage in my life where I need real, authentic feedback—Wendy and Connie will break down your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors like ninjas and build you back up all in one fell swoop, so that by the time you are done with them, you feel like you can take on any challenge. I am grateful and thankful for Angel Emerging in all the services they provide—I think I’ve used them all! After working with them for so many years I am more confident and excited about the work I know I am being called to do.”

Alejandra Ortiz, Lightworker

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