You’re warmly invited to join Angels Emerging’s Monthly Intention Circle!

An intention circle is a gathering of open hearted and like-minded individuals who are dedicated to being in service to our world and to each other.

It is a way of serving both the greater good of earth and humanity and the deeper personal process of ascension.

The circle will meet every 4th Tuesday of the month through 2022:

August 23rd

September 27th

October 25th

November 22nd

December 27th

The circle works with the exponential power of collective intention. Remember Christ said “when two or more of you are gathered in my name, all things are possible.” Thoughts create reality and intention is thought in conscious action. When we gather with conscious focused intention, we tap into the quantum field of creation.

All things become possible!

The Angels Emerging Intention Circle will be dedicated to the deep work and the deep healing of our chosen intentions.

  • We are asking for loving, dedicated individuals to join us monthly for one (1) hour.

  • We ask that you be willing to commit to 5-10 minutes daily as we carry the intentions through the month.

  • There will be structure, protocols, and ritual to allow for the greatest potential of achievement.

  • This is intended to be a safe and sacred celebration of intention and everyone will have the opportunity to share, receive, or take a turn at facilitating the circle.

If you are looking for a way to be of service or are looking to be part of something bigger than yourself, we invite you to join us.

Let’s see whats possible!

To register, we are asking for an energy- exchange love contribution
We suggest making a contribution of any size you are comfortable with, and recommend the following:

If you feel you are not able to contribute at this time, please join us anyway.We want to be as inclusive as possible, and yet also honor our energy exchange for producing events and community gatherings to support the Collective Consciousness.Thank you! 

To ATTEND our monthly Intention Circle, please CLICK HERE.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.