If you’re ready to continue to advance your channeling skills, and you feel hungry for MORE, Level 2 Intermediate Channeling is the perfect next step in providing you with a strong platform to improve your channeling abilities.


Level 1 Beginning Channeling opened the door for you, and Level 2 Intermediate Channeling Level 2 is your natural next step to receive a Channeling Certification, and to develop yourself as a bonafide channel, practitioner and/or healer. Level 2 Intermediate Channeling will assist you to further open your spiritual channels, deepen your relationship with guidance, and work through the varied “challenges” (both common and unique) that plague all who step on to Channeling the channeling path as part of their sacred journey. This “next level” training will also “meet you right where you are” on your channeling experience, and there is no need to feel you must be “accomplished” or to “perfect” any of the tools taught in Level 1, as our Level 2 Intermediate Channeling studies will further provide you with the advanced tools and training to bolster your spiritual abilities to receive and deliver clear messages.
Our Level 2 Intermediate Channeling program will focus specifically on strengthening your ability to connect with your chosen Spirit Guide or Guides and to align you with your true spiritual purpose on earth. Much like Level 1, our Level 2 weekend intensive, will assist you in deepening and awakening to more of your spiritual senses (the Clairs), and attune yourself to a higher vibrational frequency that you can easily implement into your daily life.

Level 2 Channeling is 2 Full Days of Intensive Training

Next Scheduled Training Dates are:

  • FEBRUARY 27-28, 2021
  • JUNE 26-27, 2021
  • OCTOBER 16-17, 2021

This class is held entirely online via ZOOM.

Due to the highly personalized nature of this course, the class size is limited.

Total Investment is ONLY $444

** Completion of the Level 1 class required

What You Will Receive in Level 2

  • Learning how to be a clear and reliable channel for messages
  • Practicing your connection with Spirit through Deeper Meditation
  • Breaking through your fears. What stops you from being a clear and open channel?
  • How to eliminate negative energies so you can become a clear channeling
  • Connecting with your true soul essence and Divine Blueprint.
  • Channeling your spirit energies to create healing: first yourself then your world.
  • Doing group healing and channeling work


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What Others Are Saying About Working With Angels Emerging

“Working with Wendy and Metatron is incredible. I am always provided with the individual attention and support I need, and especially when I felt stuck and need help with direction and motivation to develop further my spiritual practice. I look forward to all of my sessions, classes, and Angels Emerging community events where my gifts are fully accepted!”

“I’ve found the Spiritual Mentors and teachers that I know can deliver powerful transformation in all areas of my life and my career. I am at a stage in my life where I need real, authentic feedback—Wendy and Connie will break down your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors like ninjas and build you back up all in one fell swoop, so that by the time you are done with them, you feel like you can take on any challenge. I am grateful and thankful for Angels Emerging in all the services they provide After working with them for so many years I am more confident and excited about my own gifts as a healer and sacred Channel for Divine wisdom!” –A.O.

Our Refund Policy and Sacred Promise to You

The Angels Emerging Channeling Certification Program is intended for those who are committed to embracing and using Channeling as a method to support their Soul awakening and unfolding. As part of the program, you will deepen your understanding of the ‘soul self’ as well as form deeper connections with others on a similar path. We ask that you be fully committed to stepping into your identify as a Divine Being, and join the program with a clear and willingness to receive this type of guidance. Our Channeling Programs are not taught as a teacher training and participation in the program does not authorize one to teach this program or its contents.

Due to the highly transformational nature of this course, all refund requests must be made within 5 days of purchase. No refunds will be given after the five-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request. Once the first commencement session starts there is a strict no-refunds policy to ensure that those who join are dedicated to their growth and honoring this sacred community. Thank you for reading and understanding our policies.