Big Island 2021

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Big Island

  • Sacred Waters Sacred Life Retreat was another amazingly wonderful experience as we came together and discovered our soul connection in the sacred vortex!
  • What a glorious retreat as we activated the ancient and beautiful Hawaiian mana through connecting with the sacred waters and exquisite surroundings, where we also enjoyed frolicking with the enlightened dolphins, manta rays and ancient Hawaiian traditions in our own catamaran cruise!! It was a purifying, electrifying and somewhat sensual connection to the land, its people and to ourselves.

Since the “Harmonic Convergence” in 1987, Sedona has been the destination, and increasingly the home to literally thousands of “Light Beings.” It’s the location’s power they come to experience, considered to be in high concentration due to the site’s mystifying vortexes. Described as whirling masses of energy, the vortexes purportedly affect anyone who comes within a quarter mile of them.


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Join us on a journey of self discovery into ``Your Greater Self``.

These retreats are dedicated to empowering and awakening the you that lives within the soul.