Spiritually Rejuvenate Yourself In Sacred Sedona!

Are you someone who KNOWS without a doubt that your soul is here to do something big?
Do you LOVE being around people, visiting sacred sites around the globe and enjoying experiences that set your Soul on Fire?
Clear your calendar for this extraordinary, one-of-kind spiritual retreat!
Set Your Soul On Fire Sedona is a complete immersion into the landscapes and energies of the sacred vortices of this treasured spot on earth. Sedona has long been regarded as a place both sacred and powerful. It is a cathedral without walls, where souls have been gathering for centuries to experience the mysterious life force energy that is said to emanate from the red rocks and the sacred vortexes.

Sedona’s true power is its mystical ability to transform lives.The pure physical beauty of the landscape will organically re-calibrate and realign you with your true nature, and deep sense of wonder.  It is a place that inspires, recharges, uplifts, soothes, and restores. For many, simply spending time in Sedona’s sacred landscapes and environment can trigger a spiritual awakening.

One thing you can be sure of is–no one leaves Sedona unchanged.

Included in your retreat package:

  • Receive the Cosmic Gateway, Soul Star Activation
  • Sacred ceremony with shaman wisdom & plant medicine
  • A full day excursion to the exhilirating Grand Canyon
  • Exciting jeep tour to some of Sedona’s powerful vortices
  • Transformational workshops and deep healing with our ALL NEW  Source Direct TM technology
  • Source Direct TM Teachings on how to navigate the spectrum between 4th, 5th, 6th dimension and beyond
  • Deep cleansing and re-calibration of your psychic senses
  • Fun, laughter, community & deep personal connection!

We Are Being Called Back to Sedona — A Portal To Another Dimension

Sedona is known as one of the most mysterious spots on this planet. It is most famous for its powerful vortices and has long been known as an inter-dimensional portal. According to local folklore, there are tunnels leading from Sedona to another space-time dimension and the presence of ‘Star People’ have been seen, felt and heard in and around Sedona for decades. There are those who believe the vortices can be used to travel to alternate dimensions–which is something we are being led to know and experience as well.


Come Explore What Your Relationship Is To These Benevolent Energies, and Why It’s Necessary To Know and Connect With Them

  • Through guidance from Metatron and Mother, learn how to use the energies of Sedona’s landscape to raise our individual and collective vibration.
  • Each human being holds a frequency that gives us our unique mission, a soul mission. During our time together, you will be expertly guided to understand how to tap into this “channel” of energy so you can follow the specific impulses of your soul’s intent in this lifetime.
  • Through this “template of light,” you will behold and understand your unique divine blueprint that holds you in conscious human form
  • Learn how to use the energies of Sedona to reUNITE & reIGNITE you with your Divine Soul Blueprint–allowing you to bring yourself and others back to true balance and harmony.


Experience Sedona’s Mystifying Vortices and How to Utilize Their Powerful Energies

The energy inside a vortex is similar to that inside every human being and when these two energies meet they create a resonance, described by people as a faint vibration. As we enter into the physical experience and create an energy spin, you will expand and upgrade your vibration, bringing you into direct alignment with your soul’s mission and true divine purpose.

  • Set yourself on a course that will reignite the sacred fire of your soul!
  • Learn the sacred technique of Source DirectTM Healing for yourself, each other, and the earth!
  • Due to the intensive nature of this retreat, we are purposely keeping the number limited so that each person can receive Source Direct TM one-on-one guidance.

Full Retreat Fee is $995


For the past 5 years we have embarked upon a deep spiritual journey to special and sacred spots on earth, and this year will be no exception as we’re being called back to Sedona by its mystical energies of the Red Rocks! We’ve carefully arranged an itinerary of events and experiences designed to bring about YOUR deepest awakening–inviting you to a fuller understanding of the expanding truth of who you are!

This schedule is fluid as we are always tapping into the cosmic field, and feeling into the physical energies of what is needed in each moment. Sometimes, adjustments are necessary due to these fluctuations.

Yet, rest assured, Spirit will be guiding us in the journey as you SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE.

Thursday, October 17th

9:00 AM                      Registration & Welcome

9:30 AM                      Opening Ceremony

10 AM to 1:30  PM     Morning Session with Excursion to our 1st Vortex

1:30 to 2:30 PM         Lunch

2:00 – 4:00 PM           Afternoon Excursion to our 2nd Vortex

7:30-9:30 PM              Fireside Healing with Metatron and Mother


Friday, October 18th

9:30 AM – NOON     Medicine Wheel, and other Sacred Sites of Sedona


1:00 – 5:00            FREE TIME TO EXPLORE SEDONA

7:30 PM   Star Gazing Tour


Saturday, October 19th

9:00 AM to Noon       Excursion to Vortex #3

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM    Shaman Wisdom & Plant Medicine Excursion


Sunday, October 20th

9:00 AM to 1:30 PM   Retreat in Session

2:00 PM                      Closing Ceremony

Wendy Gayle is a well respected, award winning psychic and professional spiritual counselor, Certified by Best American Psychics. She has been teaching, conducting psychic readings and one-on-one healing for over 20 years.Wendy is certified in over 15 healing modalities, including cranialsacral, polarity therapy, and has been an active full body trance channel for over 15 years. Through her intensive work with the angelic realm Wendy has found the profound gifts of her clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, and channeling, and believes these are all natural abilities that are inherent in our being. It has become her life’s passion to inspire the unfolding of those gifts in others. Wendy currently channels Archangel Metatron, offering deep intuitive and compassionate assistance. Metatron is adept at providing spiritual guidance, answering any questions about life path journey, relationships, career and more!

Connie Viveros is a professionally trained Master Integrative Life Coach through the Ford Institute for Transformation ®, and certified in numerous Integrative Coaching Modules. She is also a Certified Master Spiritual Channel and Intuitive. As a natural healer and spiritual growth facilitator she is devoted to supporting individuals in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Soul Self. From many profound experiences, along with her own spiritual awakening, she shares an understanding of the extraordinary cosmic plan unfolding on the Earth: One person… One new thought…One new possibility at a time. Connie is presently aligned and channels the many energies of Divine Feminine, including Sophia, Mother Mary, The Magdalene Order, Pele, Kali and others from the ‘Council of Light,’ allowing her to bring forth messages of unconditional love, guidance, compassion, support and healing.

You are responsible for booking your air & ground travel to and from Sedona. It is best traveling to and from Phoenix, AZ, as it’s a much larger airport than Flagstaff, and flights are more plentiful. Please plan on arriving no later than Wednesday, October 16th as we begin our retreat on Thursday morning. We will end our retreat on Sunday around 2 PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to make your way back to Phoenix for a Sunday evening flight.

Phoenix is approximately 90-minutes to 2-hours drive to Sedona, depending on traffic. You can select to fly in and out of Flagstaff, which is a 45 minute drive–however, it is a much smaller airport, with smaller planes flying, etc.

You are also responsible for getting yourself to and from Phoenix airport to Sedona. There are several car rental companies or shuttle services available. If you need help, please let us know and we can help you find the best option available. Often there are others from our group traveling and who are willing to car share.

If you’re interested in sharing a ride from Phoenix to Sedona, you can also post on the Wisdom Tribe Retreat Facebook page to find others who are looking to ride share.

The hotel where we are staying is called the Arabella Hotel Sedona located at 725 Highway 179 in the heart of Sedona.

We have several rooms blocked for approximately $250 per night PLUS tax and resort fee. The rooms are very comfortable, with gorgeous views, and double occupancy. Let us know if you need helps with your rooming plans, we have plenty of rooms available and will be releasing unused rooms on October 15th.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE HOTEL DIRECTLY AND ASK FOR ONE OF OUR ROOMS. You are, however, welcome to book your own room.


You are also responsible for your own meals throughout the retreat. The hotel has a restaurant where we plan to congregate for group meals, and dine dine together whenever possible. There are several options for food and lodging. Please don’t overlook Air BNB and possibly share with someone, which might prove to be an affordable option.  Regarding food, you could buy your food at a local grocery and bring sack lunches, etc. There is one meal that we provide during a day excursion.

Each year we have assembled “the perfect” group to join us on these remarkable retreats, no one journey has been like another!  If you are being called to ‘Set Your Soul on Fire’ and expand your journey with Spirit, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to say “yes” to YOU!

If this sounds exciting to you, please pay attention to that impulse–and join us for this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, spiritual retreat!

Full Retreat Fee is $995


Refunds are NO longer available.