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Learn how to connect with the higher realms of wisdom, develop a strong connection with your spiritual guides, receive clear messages, and enhance your intuitive abilities.

Many individuals tend to misunderstand or fear their psychic abilities, and many highly intuitive people struggle to establish a solid connection with their spiritual guides or higher self. If you relate to this… you’re not alone. Inside the Masterclass, you’ll learn easy to follow tools to connect with your divine guidance, gain confidence in your channeling and demystify your innate psychic abilities.

PLUS your host, Connie Viveros, will provide practical techniques called the ABC’s of Channeling, which have helped thousands to learn how to communicate with Spirit clearly and consistently.

Inside this Transformational Masterclass

You’ll Discover How to:

Strengthen Your Connection to Spirit 

Explore your connection with your higher self, and unlock the true guidance of your soul.

Discover Your Unique Soul Gifts

Embark on a journey into a world of limitless potential, as you embrace your own inner mystic, empowering you to make decisions with unwavering confidence.

Move From Intuition to Soul Guidance

Demystify the channeling process and establish a strong and unwavering connection to your soul (divine) wisdom.

What’s Included With Your Ticket to

Unlock the Secrets to Channeling

  • Access to the live 90+ Minute masterclass where Connie will share spiritual tools, techniques and in depth processes you can begin using right away to enhance your connection to Spirit and Your Higher Self

  • Q & A Session at the end of the masterclass where Connie will answer your most pressing questions about connecting with Devine Guidance and how to gain confidence and ease.

  • Access to the masterclass replay for an entire year so you can review and practice the tools shared.

  • Exclusive Online Facebook community for Masterclass

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This life-changing event is more than just a masterclass; it’s an opportunity to transform your occasional intuitive nudges and embrace a consistent flow of precise guidance, empowering you to make decisions with unwavering confidence and certainty in hearing messages from Spirit.

Join a Community of Dedicated Lightworkers, Healers and Practicing Channels for Divine Wisdom!

When you sign up for the Unlock the Secrets to Channeling Masterclass for just $27, you won’t be alone in your journey. You’ll be granted access to an exclusive and supportive Facebook group of people just like you, looking for amplify their connection to their highest wisdom guides.

The community, can offer loving support, resources and lots of motivation in the group.

Meet Your Guides for Unlocking the Secrets to Channeling

For over 12 years, Connie Viveros has been a guiding light, helping individuals worldwide realize and activate their psychic potential. Now, she introduces a groundbreaking Channeling Training program, a unique blend of core spiritual teachings, channeled wisdom, and immersive experiences designed to ignite your channeling journey.

In this live, HIGHLY INTERACTIVE MASTERCLASS, Connie brings together the latest insights to empower you on your spiritual path. This wonderful Masterclass is crafted to elevate your abilities, providing you with understanding the tools and knowledge needed to unlock your innate talents and achieve success in the realm of channeling.

Join Connie on a transformative introductory journey offering a comprehensive understanding into the mysteries of channeling. This LIVE intro is catalyst to honing and delivering your soul gifts, allowing you to serve the world with your unique talents. Your gifts hold immense value, and this entire channeling experience is the catalyst to discover, align, and amplify your soul-inspired abilities.

What Other are Saying About Our Programs

I loved the content of this program, as I’ve been putting into practice the teachings and integrating them in to my everyday life. These courses and teachings have taken my connection with Divine Guidance to a whole new level. I would totally recommend the entire channeling study course, and working with Connie has been awesome.

— Lisa DePamphilis 

I absolutely loved the purity of these mystery teachings and could feel all the love poured into this work. I will no longer be running away from the spiritual world because I have been taught how to maneuver and connect with the divine. Before arriving here, I was so lost, confused, and beaten down throughout my life and you have given me so many amazing tools to heal myself. If I would have known what I now know, I could have avoided much pain and suffering in my life. I [still] have a lot of work to do on myself and feel very confident that the practices I have been given will get me where I need to be. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. 

— Sharon Courtot

The Channeling training courses with Connie Viveros has helped me not only to get grounded in channeling practice, but to move beyond that into a comfort level that was beyond my expectations. I love the way I was always supported, but also the individual attention and individualized advise and energetic support.  I feel connected to spirit and confident in my ability to call upon guidance in my life and beyond.

— Lois C.

This course has opened up so much and taking me on such a life changing journey. It has taking me to places that I was previously fearful of going and showed me to trust guidance. I highly recommend anyone who desires to learn more about themselves or wants to be able to clearly and consistently hear words of guidance to take this entire course. Connie and guides you through the entire process with such love and encouragement. Be prepared for a life changing experience.

Michele D.

I highly recommend Angels Emerging’s training. Connie is wonderful at holding encouraging and loving space for our natural channeling gifts to be fully rooted in us. I absolutely loved the presence of Divine Mother in our teaching sessions.

Cynthia W.

Establish a Strong Connection With Your Guides To Receive Clear Messages!

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Have Questions?

Absolutely! This webinar is designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned practitioners. Anyone who is ready to connect with their soul mate in a deeper way is welcome.

The webinar will be available only in English

No worries at all! We understand our global community spans across various time zones. If you can’t make it for the live session, a replay will be made available to all registered attendees for one year. You also receive ongoing access to the Facebook group community.

Yes! This masterclass is different from any other we have offered before. Connie will be sharing the energetic and spiritual strategies to enhance the connection to your Higher Self and Soul Guidance, based on their proven techniques and personal experience finding and deepening the connection to Spirit.

Yes, the masterclass will include a live Q&A Session where you can ask Connie any questions related to the topic.

This masterclass goes beyond surface-level techniques. It’s about transforming your energy at a deep, subconscious level. Through this practice, you’ll not only connect with your highest vibrational Guidance, but also cultivate a direct understanding, feeling and relationship with your at least one Guide that will step forward in this experiential masterclass.

Definitely! The techniques taught in this masterclass can help deepen your existing connection with your Guidance, and perhaps bring new Guidance forth, enhancing  your understanding of your soul connection.  It’s also about strengthening and building confidence and clarity with your existing bond.

We understand that unexpected events occur. If you find that you’re unable to attend the live masterclass after signing up, you’ll still receive a replay link to access the session at your convenience.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, transformative experiences. Many attendees of past events have shared powerful testimonials about the changes they’ve experienced in their lives, which you can read through on this page. We believe in the value of this masterclass and are confident it can bring about a positive shift in your life and your connection to your highest soul guidance.

Nope! You will receive access to the webinar and replay via email from connie@connieviveros.com. If you would like to take advantage of the private Facebook group community for additional connection and support you will need a Facebook account, but it is not necessary to participate in the webinar.

Our Unlock the Secrets to Channeling Masterclass is non-refundable. We believe deeply in the spiritual techniques you are about to learn.

Our Unlock the Secrets to Channeling Masterclass makes a great gift for loved ones, friends or family. Just select “My order includes a gift” at checkout. You can even leave a personalized message with your gift.

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