Do You Feel The Wave of Energy Hitting Us?

Do You Feel The Wave of Energy Hitting Us?

By: Connie Viveros

Whew! Can you feel the energy wave that is recently hitting us? As usual, we seem to be all over the place with how it is making us feel – both physically and emotionally. This energy is transforming us, not only physically but mentally, preparing us for what is to come. Our job is to simply allow the process to take place and do our best to find peace and joy within.

The big thing for me has been the emotional roller coaster I seem to be on. It started a few days prior to the energy hitting as some of us seem to “pre-wave”. My overall emotional body—including my empathic system, feelings of overwhelm, sadness and grief have been palpable these last few days. Thankfully most of the emotional pain has passed, but what hasn’t is this feeling, or sense of being a caged tiger. I feel this energy of excitement running through my body, but it has an anxious undertone to it. I am finding I just want to be outside, sitting upon Mother Earth and/or in the sun—and with winter still upon us, this has proved to be more difficult to say the least.  Instead, I’ve been using movement—it’s a really important tool—to help ‘move the stuck energy,” THROUGH me.

In working with clients these past few weeks, I’m also hearing many of them are experiencing [complaining] too about exhaustion, headaches, flair ups of chronic issues and lots of ringing in the ears. I’ve also noticed that increased anxiety and depression are common during energy acceleration and often these energy surges are also accompanied by vivid dreams. If this is you, it may be you are simply clearing some deep, deep programming. Some, I understand are even clearing apocalyptic timelines, and, if this is you, we thank you for this deep level of service to our humanity.

If you’re like me, when energy like this hits I want it to end quickly…so I will spare you and not sugar coat it—my sources reveal that it’s not going to end anytime soon. However, the stronger we are energetically [and spiritually], the body upgrades, and we’re able to grow and learn and that eases things quite a bit. Those just beginning this process are being affected by things that someone who has been “at this” for a while doesn’t even blink an eye at. The key is to take a step back and see how you have grown and changed. Allow this knowledge to give you strength to keep going.

What else can you do?  Well, it’s important that you DON’T GET ATTACHED to whatever is happening or coming up, simply watch it arise and then let it go. When we attach to these energies, it’ll have a much harder time moving through and leaving you, and in fact, if we do “attach” and resist too strongly we can actually create cords to whatever “it” is, firmly keeping it with us longer periods of time.

I was also told that this energy blast is making us all more susceptible to outside energy influences too. This can be the television, social media, all electronics and even people. However, it works both ways and we are just as susceptible to the energy influences of the wind, the sun, plants and most certainly laughter. Allow how you feel emotionally to determine what is right for you. For some watching a movie is perfect and for others going for a walk soothes the soul. The idea is to know what works best FOR YOU!

Here’s a link to our You Tube Channel, with some helpful meditation videos of Wendy Gayle channeling Archangel Metatron and Connie Viveros, channeling Divine Mother. Hopefully these videos can assist you with ways to handle all of the energy and changes currently taking place.

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Sending you all so much LOVE and SUPPORT as you continue on your journey.  We also wish to thank all those who do this type of work…you absolutely help make our world a more meaningful and tolerant place to be. Take a moment today to acknowledge yourself deeply for the personal, and collective work you are doing!  Be well,