Enlightenment Is Not Just For a Few, It’s For EVERYONE

Enlightenment Is Not Just For a Few, It’s For EVERYONE

By: Connie Viveros

Over the years on my path of spiritual awakening I’ve had the honor of studying dozens of modalities and ways of increasing my intuition and healing abilities.

Over the past decade, as I explored and learned a myriad of new methods, techniques, even cool new spiritual technologies—such as chakra healing beds and light-wave therapy, I often found myself fluctuate from feeling deeply connected, wildly psychic and ‘a real healer’ to just the opposite—totally disconnected, frustrated and unable to access any information whatsoever.

It was super annoying when I would hit one of these disconnected phases, and there were times when I’d spend weeks, sometimes months feeling frustrated with my “spiritual practice.” You see, once you’ve that “connection,” when you aren’t able to connect, there’s a tendency, or at least my experience was to freak out.

I’d find myself wondering how to get it back, or worse, questioning would it ever come back? Was that deep, indescribable connection I had just a fluke? Early in my awakening I was never quite sure. So I would search out something new—a practice or teacher—to help bring it back.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that my access to the information wasn’t something I could force – but it was something I had to allow. By allow I mean that the connection I would find myself craving actually IS always there—it’s there for all of us all of the time. We just have to ask, then allow, and be patient! At least that has been the case for me. What I did not know then, that I now know is I had layers and layers of energetic build-up to work through before I could allow that connection to be my constant companion, and direct guidance on a regular basis. I am happy to say that today, after so many years cultivating this relationship, I feel more like an “order taker” with this presence. It is constantly informing me what to do, not do, who to hang out with, etc.

I strongly believe that anyone can develop the same spiritual connection or psychic abilities, and enjoy increased levels of intuition and clear inner guidance. It may take a little time, patience and lots of practice, but it is absolutely possible if you have the willingness and desire! Here’s what worked for me in dissolving these so called energetic blocks and what I now help others learn to do as well.

PRATICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE—I can’t emphasize this enough. It is a non-negotiable element if you are to develop any sort of spiritual connection or psychic skill. Begin by setting up a daily meditation practice—this, in my experience is mandatory. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, but you must make every effort to meditate daily—at least in the beginning!

CONNECT WITH GUIDANCE! While you’re meditating keep a journal nearby to take notes of any information or feelings that come up. You may see a specific color, or feel a particular sensation, or actually see pictures or words. It’s best to keep notes in case you see a pattern begin to emerge. It’s also a great way of letting your inner guidance begin to come through and be expressed.

MAKE YOUR FOOD & NUTRITION A PRIORITY—If possible, reduce your sugar intake and switch to healthier alternatives to refined cane sugar. Also, cut out wheat and wheat products of any kind (if possible!) Reduce or eliminate all alcohol or recreational drugs—at least for a while. I have found that these interrupt your ability to connect and have a clear open channel for Divine wisdom to come through.

BLESS YOUR FOOD—It’s super important to raise your vibration and believe it or not, what you place in your body can assist or detract from your spiritual practice. The ‘vibration’ of your food matters, spending a few minutes in gratitude for the food you are about to ingest, and this will help clear any negative energy layered on it and help it assimilate into your body–especially meat.

SPEND TIME IN NATURE—Being outdoors in the fresh air, amongst the trees, ocean or open fields is restorative and connects us to our roots. It reminds us of where we came from and who we really are. Take some walks and appreciate the trees, wildlife and surroundings. Breathe the fresh air deeply and connect with everything around you. What does the forest have to say to you? Learn to listen and connect with nature and it will help you feel restored, healthy and alive.

CULTIVATE MORE GRATITUDE IN YOUR LIFE – Spend some time connecting to your heart center every day and appreciating the life you have, the people you love and the experiences you get to have on this beautiful earth. Feelings of gratitude and peace raise your vibration and allow you to connect more easily with your higher self, your guides and Source energy. Love is the vibration of the Universe and when you emanate this feeling it connects you to all higher vibrational beings. It is your gateway to connecting with your innate wisdom and highest potential. Radiating gratitude and love spills over into every area of your life and creates better relationships with family and friends, a better outlook on life, and feelings of peace and happiness. By connecting into your heart center, you touch the place where you can manifest whatever you wish into your life, be it health, wealth, more love or all of those.

These are just a few of the things I found helpful in creating a spiritual practice, and creating a spiritual life. The journey of ‘spiritual awakening’ is unique for everyone, and yet there are some basics to help get you on the path. I hope you can discover the keys to your own path and that some of these tips are helpful. It’s important to keep at it and to not get discouraged and give up, even when you’re feeling like you aren’t making any progress. There are hundreds if not thousands of groups, community events and retreats you can join to help you.

Enlightenment is not just for the few, it is for EVERYONE—no one is goig to be left behind! This is your birthright and natural progression as a spiritual being having a human experience.