How To Know If You’re A Healer

How To Know If You’re A Healer.

By: Wendy Gayle

Many of us sensitive type people are spiritual healers without even realizing it. Or, you may realize it, but only around certain people or in particular circumstances.

How do you know if you’re a healer? Well, the truth is EVERYONE IS A HEALER.

Nowadays healing is not just confined to healing practitioners or participating in a healing ‘session’. Nor is healing restricted only to those we consider wise or who have accumulated an expertise with matters of healing. True healing is something that is within each of us, and it originates from an essence that is equal within every human being—and something, once activated—anyone can practice!

All healing comes from the way we express our love and truth.

Within each of us is the greatest capacity of all—and that is to love. We may choose in our lifetime never to connect with this part of ourselves that naturally wants to express love for another, but just because we don’t choose to connect with this aspect of ourselves, does not mean it is not present within us.

The truth of the matter is, there is a place deep within you, in your inner-heart, where there exists a pureness, it is a place where stillness and harmony lives. This place is unblemished, not tainted by the hurts and burdens of life, it remains in all of us like the still waters of a great lake, steady, consistent and calm.

It is also a place of great strength, power, and truth, and when we surrender ourselves and allow ourselves to feel this inside our bodies, we are provided amazing support and the inspiration to express ourselves in a truly loving way—we become a fully expressed healer!

All of this happens naturally, and especially when we choose to establish a connection to our inner most Divine essence. We can easily do this through aligning to the inner-heart, which is where you will experience your full healing capability. It is a place that we know innately as home. From this place, true love can be expressed, and that is what, and where true healing resides.

Everybody has an opportunity to feel this, there is no discrimination or inequality—the love is there for us all in equal measure.

When we live and express our love from this heart center, we will effectively be offering a healing to everyone, everywhere we go.

If you truly consider that we are all natural born healers by the mere fact that we have at our core an open loving heart, you will find it much easier to admit and see yourself as a healer!

We humans are designed to share love. We have the ability to activate this and nurture this in ourselves, and in the lives of others at any time!
Think about it for a moment, every time you show or express care for another, and especially strangers–you are healing.

Each time you are extra friendly, smiling and reassuring another, you are healing.

Each time you seek to create harmony, sooth over issues or solve problems so that everybody wins you are activating healing not only in your life, but also in the lives of others.

Each time you befriend children and animals and they befriend you, or if you understand them easily and ‘see them,’ whereas others may ignore or brush them off as unimportant, you are activating healing.

If you’re attracted to a profession that helps others in some way, it could be supporting youth, the disabled, or elderly. It could be as a counselor or psychologist, or through touch like massage therapy or healthcare—you are most certainly healing!

Perhaps you have a talent for music (singing can be healing to others), or be an artist creating beauty. You are creative and channel beauty and harmony—then you’re definitely a healer!

Once you begin to see and acknowledge yourself as a healer, you activate one of the most potent spiritual super powers we humans possess—To Be In Loving Service, connected with our inner-self, our inner-heart, and consciously choosing love as our preferred way of expression.

No matter what work you do . . . whatever its mopping a floor or performing a delicate surgery, we each carry the same healing energy when it is expressed from love. This creates a powerful imprint of love and truth that is felt whenever anyone comes into contact with it, whether they choose to be conscious of it or not.

Consider then, that we are all natural born healers by the mere fact that we have at our core a heart fully capable and designed to share love. We have the ability to activate this and nurture this in ourselves.

We have within our grasp a true way to heal ALL disharmony that exists in our world, in our relationships, and to rebalance all harm that presides in our world. You have this ability once you acknowledge yourself as the true healer you are!