It’s the most magnificent tool for transformation!

It’s the most magnificent tool for transformation!

By: Wendy Gayle

What if I told you that slumbering inside of you is a magnificent tool for transformation?

A tool that offers you the ability to connect you with your guides and angels, accelerate the awakening of your psychic senses, while expanding your spiritual journey faster than you ever imagined?

Then imagine if this same tool connected you to your Higher Self, opened the door for you to become a medium, brought more Light into your healing practice, and opened the doors to Divine creativity!

I am guessing that is a part of yourself you would like to awaken, am I right?

The Divine tool I speak of is “channeling.” Channeling has a long and varied history, some positive and some not. It seems to be one of our gifts that garners the most judgment. Some people believe in it and some do not. The great news is that, believe in it or not, the ability to channel is inherent to all humanity. We were created as human tuning forks through which Spirit’s voice speaks to us and through us. Channeling is the Divine intersecting with our consciousness. Because the intersection is always there, “channeling” becomes a way of connecting to a constant flow of love, inspiration, wisdom, and information. It is absolutely available for each and every person.

Because each of us experiences our own unique intersection with the Divine, what we access is distinct as we are! Through some, great art or beautiful music is channeled. Through others the connection presents itself as a scientific breakthrough or the answer to deep questions. For many, it is a profound answer to prayer. My experience is communication with Angels and Masters to bring forth healing, compassion, information, and guidance. We each have the link within us and how it will manifest becomes the journey of our Soul.

One of the questions I’m asked most often is one of safety. Is channeling safe? I have taught 600 people to channel and out of six hundred people there have only been three (3) who experienced connecting to lower vibrational frequencies. It was caught quickly, corrected, and those individuals are still channeling their guides and Angels today. So, yes, in my experiences channeling is safe. However, I do recommend those of you who wish to begin channeling to seek the assistance of a seasoned channel or channeling teacher. Having someone who can see and feel what you are bringing through will help you feel safe and make sure what you are connecting with is of the Light.

They can help you find ways to set personal protection—from surrounding yourself with white Light to placing yourself in the center of a Merkaba. I recommend you trust your instincts and intuition to create a protection for you, and your space, that makes sense to your unique situation.

I recommend your first channeling attempt be to connect with your Higher Self. When you are comfortable with your Higher Self connection, then begin to open to your guides and Angels. You will begin to enjoy greater clarity and connection as your relationship with guidance deepens. I instruct all my new channels, and seasoned channels who feel disconnected, to speak out loud to guidance every day. Getting your communications out of your head is tremendously helpful. It is not necessary to know your guides names to communicate. Just speak your desire to communicate and begin to have a conversation. Ask questions simply and one at a time. Share your frustrations or your random thoughts. Ask for help.

Treat your guides and Angels like an honored guest in your space and your relationship will grow quickly. Please remember that conversations are two sided so make sure to listen as well as talk! Listen with your whole being, not just your ears. Some people receive the communication from Spirit as a whisper in their mind. Some feel the answers in their body. Many just suddenly know the answers like it has dropped out of the blue! For those of you who feel you are not receiving anything back, please be patient. I promise you guidance wants to speak to you as badly as you want to hear from them. Most times it just takes a little practice!

Channeling can be elating, astounding, humbling, and often surprising! It certainly breaks us open and challenges us in ways we never thought possible. It is a conscious embrace of the Divine as well as a journey of ego mastery. I hope you will be inspired to further awaken the understanding of that embrace and explore how the Divine moves through you.

Blessings on your journey!